A Parent’s Torment

My friend and his family received the news that their 3 years old son has a 90% chance of having leukimia.  I had arrived at the L.A. Children’s Hospital minutes after the family had gotten the news from the doctor in charge.  Needless to say, there were many tears, followed by quiet moments, and again followed by tears.  Meanwhile, the child was fast sleep, due to being on heavy medication and lack of sleep  (the night before the nurses woke him up every hour to get his temperature).  He looked so peaceful, and rolled up under a single sheet, his tiny and frail body reflecting in my mind the killer that he was going up against…cancer.

In the next room, there was a 10 months old foster baby, who was teething, and who would put toys in his mouth and chew on it to help with the teething, just like any normal 10 months old would.  His chubby arms and face reminded me of other healthy, loved children whose face, cuteness, and antics I adore.  But this child was bald due to chemotherapy, and one can only guess as to what fate awaited him with such a rough start!  The nurse told me that he was beating the cancer and would be out of there in a couple of month.

Let it be known that while I visited the cancer ward of the L.A. Children’s hospital twice, I did not see a god, an angel, or a miracle at any time.  I only saw loving parents and caring nurses doing their best to help innocent children who are living a nightmare nobody deserves.

Below are a few shots that I was able to take on that sad day.